EatOut Film & TV Caterers

Are you looking for a friendly, professional film location catering company?

If the answer is Yes – Look no Further.

We are South Africa catering based company  who will keep your crew nourished, sustained and happy throughout your shoot.

Based in Johannesburg and  Cape Town , we are ideally placed to travel all over the South Africa, and beyond to cater for your cast and crew. With over ten years’ experience of film and television catering, we have built a solid reputation on these sound principles:

  • Excellent Appropriate food options
  • A Friendly, Calm and Professional Service
  • Always on time
  • Realistic prices.

EatOut Film Caterers is one of the few film location catering companies which regularly maintains a four-choice menu, including a fish and a vegetarian dish. Vegans and special dietary needs are taken care of as a matter of course.

Working on the basis that a hungry crew is a grumpy crew, we tailor our menus to suit your daily requirements. Weather, location and any dietary concerns are taken in our stride, and perfectly catered to.

We understand that a large cross section of nationalities and cultures need to be catered for on every shoot. Our menus are specifically designed to provide a choice of international cuisine to crews from all over the world. We want your crew to be spoilt for choice when deciding what to eat, not struggling to find something suitable. Film Location Catering is not just our job, it’s our Passion.

Allergy Awareness

& Healthy Eating

At EatOut Film Caterers we are fully up to date in the latest allergy awareness laws, and we guarantee that good practices are used in the preparation of all our food.

Taking food allergies and intolerance very seriously, we always make sure that the needs of any cast or crew are understood and provided for. Appropriate information about our food products and ingredients is also available to you and your crew.

Continuous day working
is becoming more prevalent in the industry.

Cast and crew are required to work long hours – which means they need to be fed accordingly! By providing a choice of healthy and balanced food options to help them sustain their energy levels until the end of the shoot, we take care of the people who are working hard to make your production a success.

We transport hot meals directly to your set in whatever way suits your situation on the day with no fuss . We keep all food fresh and hot until the last crew member has eaten. Our team is dedicated to offering the highest levels of service.Please contact us for anything with catering related .