About Us

Eat Out Film Caterers was formed in 2015 is owned and operated by Chef Obvious Nyanda . Chef Obvious decided to share his love for food after he has been in the hospitality industry for more than ten years with different top world Chefs running restaurants, Hotels, Catering Companies as well as the Former Exec Chef of Quite a number of Film Caterers based in Cape Town and Johannesburg   and decided to leave All  so that he can upgrade  the current way all other caterers operates . As the business is growing, Chef Obvious still insists that both his Branches: Johannesburg  and Cape Town  are managed and directed by him and all clients are to speak to him directly regarding anything or any queries regarding our on location catering, this is to ensure that Eat Out Film Caterers on location catering is kept to our high standards and to make sure standards are always maintained

. Since then his professional development has continued apace, including time spent the private Cheffing at the Sheraton Hotel on duties of maintaining the fine services as well all the overall management.

Obvious spent many years catering to various outside events through out South Africa Nation Wide and Zimbabwe as a whole and has catered for up to 2000.

Having put my experience and talent together i can offer you an open-ended array of menus and service to enhance your production or event anytime, anywhere in South Africa .

What a combination of experience you will have in your pocket.